Student Taxis

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to take this opportunity to remind families of the process regarding travel to and from school.

The school will pay for one taxi to pick up your son/daughter, and one taxi to take them home.

If your son/daughter misses the first taxi, we will not send a second. I would like to make you all aware that we still incur a fee for this first missed taxi. If your son/daughter is unwell or unable to attend school for any reason, I would greatly appreciate you letting us know as early as possible, so that we can cancel the taxi and avoid unnecessary costs. If your son/daughter is well and simply misses the taxi, it is your responsibility to get them to school. If they do not attend, they will be given an unauthorised absence mark.

All communication regarding travel must take place between a parent/carer and the school on 0151 330 5134. Parents/carers should not contact the taxi company directly.

Any contact with school regarding issues related to school attendance/student welfare must be made by the parent/carer to the school office. School staff will only communicate with parents/carers.

Finally, the local authority is clear that they will only pay for a taxi between the student’s home address and New Heights Key Stage 4, or a named work placement centre organised by New Heights Key Stage 4. Changes to pick up/drop off locations should be for emergencies only.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation with this matter.

Yours faithfully

Kevin Unsworth

Head of School

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