Oddart Workshop

New Heights Key Stage 3 students were fortunate to participate in engaging workshops on 20 February, 2024, facilitated by Oddart. The “Here and Now” workshops featured a compelling play that tackled challenging societal issues, particularly addressing hateful extremism with a specific focus on the far right and international terrorism.

The sessions went beyond traditional formats, incorporating interactive debates and discussions, as well as a dynamic “forum theatre” performance. This unique approach encouraged students to actively engage, influencing and positively shaping the outcomes for the characters in the play. The forum theatre provided a platform for students to explore solutions and practice early intervention techniques, making the learning experience not only impactful but also empowering.

The day was met with enthusiasm from our students, who not only absorbed the valuable content but also discovered hidden talents, with some budding actors emerging during the workshops. This innovative and thought-provoking experience not only enriched their understanding of complex societal issues but also fostered a sense of empowerment and active participation. We are grateful to Oddart for providing such a meaningful and memorable opportunity for our students to learn and grow.

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