Green Space Project – Jan ’22 Update

Just look how far we have come!

Thanks to generous donations from local (and national) businesses and tens of hours’ of volunteering from our staff and their families, we have gone from wasteland to green space, in readiness for our students to begin work in a designated, safe environment to experience the outdoors and its impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing. Getting to nurture something and look after it so it grows is a key life skill and our students will love the opportunity to do this in their own designated green space.

The next stages!  When the weather warms up a little bit, our students will be:

  • Building and painting planters
  • Making and recycling materials to make pots to grow plants in
  • Looking after their green space and encouraging nature to help by sowing wild flower seeds to bring bees into the area
  • Caring for their plants from seed to fruit (or veg!) so they can take it home or be used in our food technology lessons.

Making the link from soil to plate is great for everyone to understand and appreciate, and we hope our students will also gain an insight into this process so they too can appreciate the effort and journey it takes to get produce onto our plates! Giving them time and space outdoors will also be beneficial to their mental health and emotional wellbeing, and for some it may even spur them on to look at potential career opportunities!

Look at our journey below:

How it started…

Green space project - how it looked at the start

How it went…

Green space project - how it progressed
Green space project - further progression
Green space project - Jan 4

A kind donation from Websters arriving…

A donation from Websters

Staff and their families working hard to lay turf – the weather was great – for ducks!

Ready to Go!

Pots and planters beginning to take shape for the next phase…

Once again a big Thank You goes out to all of the staff and friends/families who have given up their time to support our green space project for the students in our care.