World Mental Health Day 2022

Monday 10 October 2022

At New Heights School KS3 we will be celebrating World Mental Health Day this year by supporting
YPAS in raising awareness of Mental Health is a 24/7 problem.

We will be completing activities in multiples of 24. This will include at least one activity in all of our
subject areas, plus some joint activities such as 24 acts of kindness and 24 ways to well-being.

YPAS are trying to raise money so they can rebuild one of their hubs. The amazing work they do for
the young people in our city is so vital. We hope they are successful in their challenge.

If you would like to donate, please click this link:

Pictures of our activities will follow!

See more on the YPAS website, here.

World Mental Health Day 2022 – Activities

Monday 10 October 2022 was World Mental Health Day and New Heights School KS3 raised awareness of this very important day through supporting YPAS and their 24 hour challenge.

Why 24?

Mental health and emotional wellbeing are a 24-hour challenge.  There are times in the day when we all will feel less optimistic, or require the support of others, and this doesn’t just happen in the daytime!  Nights are often lonely periods of time for some; our minds may be working overtime mulling over the negatives in our lives, and we may feel we have nobody to talk to.

YPAS used World Mental Health Day to raise both awareness of the world-wide commitment to recognise the impact of poor mental health, and to raise funds for their buildings. They completed a 24-hour activity session where staff stayed active for 24 hours.  This was an amazing achievement and a massive well done should be given to them.  They received lots of sponsorship which we hope will set them on their way to reaching their target.

In support of YPAS’ 24-hour theme, we completed activities in school such as:

  • 24 acts of kindness (we actually did more than that as each person in our school did at least one)
  • 24 ways to well-being – we identified activities which help us stay calm and focussed
  • 24 miles travelled in a week – both staff and students took to the rowing machine, treadmill, spin bikes and completed this challenge which started on Monday morning and ended on Friday afternoon
  • 24 emotional literacy words in 1 piece of writing – this was completed in English with some amazing work produced
  • 24 maths questions, working in teams – each class had to complete 24 maths questions with the questions created by staff and students during the week. This highlights the importance of communication and connection
  • Focus on the importance of a good diet to support our mental health and wellbeing
  • Paper fortune tellers were made with a ‘zones of regulation’ focus
  • Science class made bath bombs to help relax after a hard day at school
  • There was a focus on mental health through reading various non-fiction texts in Literacy and students compiled class lists about the information they found
  • The 24-shot basketball challenge – who could get 24 baskets in the lowest number of attempts

It has been lovely to raise awareness of mental health being a 24-hour difficulty for some, and an opportunity for students to focus on activities which would help their mental health and wellbeing.

Massive thanks to the students and staff for all their hard work