Road peace challenge poster

Road Peace Challenge 2023

An initiative to raise awareness for the 1760 road crash victims across the UK.

Road Peace is a national charity for road crash victims. It doesn’t receive funding from the government so they need help from donations to support victims of road crashes.

They remember those who have been killed or seriously injured in road crashes. They organise remembrance; offer support to families affected by road crashes; empower victims with information to help them achieve justice.

Road Peace campaigns for reform of the justice system so it is fairer for victims, and they challenge society’s complacency towards risk on our roads.

This year the challenge to raise awareness was to cover a distance of 1,760 miles by whatever means to remember the 1760 victims of road traffic crashes.  New Heights School KS3 participated in this by students completing the ‘bleep-test’ – always a competitive event, cycling and running on the treadmill, adding up to a total distance covered of 24,940 meters – over 15.5 miles! What an amazing contribution from our small school.

This worthy challenge was completed on Friday 19 May and we received a certificate from Merseyside Police to show our students’ determination and effort. 

Well done and thanks to all who took part in raising awareness for the Road Peace charity.

Two people on excercise bikes
Road peace students