Key Stage 3


The purpose of physical education is to inspire all children to succeed in a competitive sport and physically demanding activities.
~ Vicki Mulhearn

About PE at New Heights Key Stage 3

Physical Education at New Heights Key Stage 3 offers a broad curriculum of sporting activities to our Students. A safe and motivating environment is created to ensure student engagement and progression.

Our central aim is to re-engage students in Physical Education by consolidating prior knowledge, offering new learning experiences in order to develop skills, and promoting both physical and mental well-being through a healthy and active lifestyle. All of our Physical Education lessons strive to include the following holistic principles:

  • Developing resilience
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Promoting health, fitness and well-being

Subject Content

This academic year Students will participate in the following sporting activities:

PE is life-changing

Trampoline Gymnastics

Students work towards the Liverpool Trampoline Gymnastics Awards. The awards are used to give our Students the opportunity to develop skills and routines, from basic to advanced level. Furthermore, Students have been able to analyse their performance in lessons and demonstrate improvement to achieve their best.

Invasion Games

Students develop a range of attacking and defending skills which they can apply to play. These games give many opportunities for our students to improve their teamwork, sportsmanship and communication skills.

Short Tennis

Students have developed a range of skills which enables them to participate in class tournaments. Students have learned to apply tactics to overcome opponents during play. Short Tennis has given the opportunity for our students to take on the role of the umpire.


In Fitness Students are learning the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Students will learn to work independently in the school’s fitness suite, whilst working hard to improve their stamina.

Using our modern sports hall facility, Students will participate in fitness circuits and multi-stage fitness testing. These activities have enabled Students to take responsibility for improving their own fitness levels.

Many of our Students will also have the opportunity to participate in projects involving external coaches and agencies. For example, the I AM project’s main aim is to raise self-esteem, fitness and mental health through martial arts, yoga and meditation. Our female students have had the opportunity to work with a CrossFit instructor, enabling them to sample a brand new, current sporting activity. Both projects have been very successful and have further improved engagement in Physical Education by building upon our holistic principles.

Curriculum Principles

The purpose of our Physical Education curriculum is to provide a knowledge-rich curriculum that develops students’ physical, mental, and social health, and ensures that being active forms part of their life-long identity.

Our curriculum seeks to build aspects of students’ character including resilience and empathy, as well as skills in leadership, decision-making and problem-solving.

Assessment and Feedback

When students first enter the Physical Education setting they are assessed and given a baseline grade. This allows for individual learning experiences and ensures the needs of all students are met. Students participating in PE are regularly assessed and regular discussions regarding their progress are undertaken. 

In our department, we believe that Student participation in assessment is very important in assisting with progress and learning. During lessons, students are given several opportunities to assess their own and others’ performances thus giving them an understanding of their next steps for learning. Students are assessed on knowledge and understanding, skill competence, resilience, effort, and progress. This new system of collecting data gives a more realistic and holistic picture of our Students attainment. 

In addition, at the end of each term students are asked to complete a Student Voice Survey. This provides staff with valuable information regarding our subject which informs our future planning. The following information was obtained from students at the end of last term:

Links to Everyday Life

Staying healthy and fit has never been more important. We use our time with the students to show them how much fun physical activity can be and impress upon them the importance of maintaining good health and the links between health and maintaining a good, balanced diet.

PE is vital

Future Careers

Participation in PE lessons allows Students to develop transferable skills which will be useful in further education and future careers.

Leadership and communication are promoted whilst participating in team sports; self-confidence is built whilst officiating and coaching their peers. Additionally, students are made aware of the potential pathways in education to achieve qualifications in PE which can lead to employment in sporting roles such as coaching and youth work.


Vicki Mulhearn is fun, sporty and always looking for ways to delight and engage her students by inviting external coaches, and with new and interesting ideas to keep them fit!

Activities in the New Heights Sports Hall

Chloe doing crossfit training

Our female students had a great opportunity to participate in an exciting new activity CrossFit. Chloe, the coach from Train Your Brain, delivered challenging and engaging sessions to our young people in our newly equipped fitness suite.

If any students are interested in CrossFit, get in touch with Chloe through Instagram @trainyourbrain_tyb

‘The pupils have been working hard refining their trampoline skills and routines from the Liverpool Trampoline Academy to participate in a school competition. The effort and skill levels of all pupils was outstanding. This video shows one of our overall winners performing the level 5 routine. 
If any pupils are interested in furthering their skills outside of school, please contact

A future lightweight champion keeping Mr Owens on his toes!

The ‘I Am’ Project


Our students have recently had the fantastic opportunity to participate in the ‘I AM Project’, a 6-week self-development course which promotes confidence, self-esteem and discipline via martial arts, yoga and meditation.  Here are some photos of them with coach Peter.

Boxing padworkslip
Student focused during a padwork session
Right hand move in boxing
Student perfecting his right cross
Children in meditation
Everyone relaxed during meditation

Thanks to Liverpool School Sports Partnership for this amazing opportunity!

Click to see their website: