We want Liverpool to be the best city in the UK to grow up in – where children are healthy, happy, safe from harm, ready to learn, ready for school and ready for work.

Liverpool Promise brings together school staff, children and young people, cultural organisations, businesses and leaders across the city, all of whom want to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people.

Find out what Liverpool Promise is all about and how you can join us and make promises of your own.




Promises are being made to help Liverpool be the best city to grow up in, and to make sure all our children and young people achieve their best. These include…

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Improve attendance
Support and implement theLiverpool Attendance Strategy.


Recruit and develop

Recruit, retain and develop staff using high quality CPD and training.

Cultural entitlement
Give every child an arts or cultural experience at each key stage.

Engage students
Ensure Schools’ Parliament, Young Advisers and others co-create solutions for progress.

Promote employment 
Link with businesses, universities and others to extend access to post-school opportunities and work.

Mental wellbeing
Build on the mental health and wellbeing strategy to help improve support for students.


The organisations below have signed up to Liverpool Promise and already developed promises of their own. Read these by clicking on the + sign next to their names.


  • Association of Liverpool Special School Headteachers
  • Liverpool Association of Secondary Headteachers
  • Liverpool Primary Headteachers’ Association
  • Liverpool Learning Partnership
  • School Improvement Liverpool
  • The Mayor’s Office and Liverpool City Council
  • Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership
  • Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Young Advisors