05 November 2020


Dear Parents & Carers,


We have held our fortnightly Liverpool Association of Secondary Headteacher meeting earlier today. As you may be aware, central government has identified Liverpool to pilot a new Covid-19 testing system. This is being called the Lateral Flow System. Sites across the city are due to be positioned in order to carry out testing. Results from the test will be available approximately 30 minutes after the test is conducted. We are currently working with Public Health to identify how this pilot might benefit school communities.


As soon as we have further information, we will share. We can expect immediate major disruption as to how schools may be able to function once testing starts and results have operational implications. Individual schools may be affected differently and subsequently they will need to respond on an individual need basis.


Your understanding and support at this very difficult time is much appreciated.


Finally, can I also take this opportunity to remind all parents / carers of the school’s ‘Out of Hours’ COVID email addresses:



Should you need to inform the school of any COVID-19 developments in your child, or someone else in your household, of a weekend / out of hours period please use this email address.


Stay safe. Stay well.



J. McDonald