The Big Trust


The Big Trust became an established charity in 2016. They exist to unite businesses and leaders to bring about long-lasting positive change for our most deprived communities.


LEEP has collaborated with The Big Trust in order to engage with a number of reputable employers. From this, students can engage in programmes such as “Work Inspiration”, “Creating Big Change”, “Ready for Work” and “Thinking Big.”


By coming together with a shared purpose, we can enhance the life chances of those who need it most by challenging, inspiring and changing the way businesses behave and act.


We know that the biggest difference businesses can have in communities is through employment and wealth creation.


Our focus is on helping people to overcome disadvantage, fulfil their potential so they can build successful lives for themselves, their families and the wider community.


At The Big Trust, business partners are encouraged to address key social issues in communities of greatest need, offering them strategic leadership and programmes that enable them to share time, skills and resources that make a positive impact on their bottom line, as well as society.


Our Career Carousel will operate using a number of employers that are established with The Big Trust. Here, students will gain further first hand experience of working in different sectors and also develop a portfolio of valuable skills.