Owen Drew


Owen Drew will be working with LEEP students on an exciting enterprise project that will run from the start of our January term right up to the end of the summer term. Students will learn first hand experience from successful Entrepreneur and business owner, Drew Cockson, who started his candle business by making candles for his close family and friends in the comfort of his own kitchen. Owen Drew candles now have a growing market in Los Angeles and aim to branch out in to other countries in the near future.


Students will be set the task of designing their very own candle and explore the smell, design, target market and advertising required to make their candle stand out from the rest. Students will get a real taste of what skills and attributes are needed to ensure a business maintains a thriving customer base.


During the course of our Owen Drew enterprise project, students will visit the HQ of Owen Drew, where they will see first hand candle making in action. They will also be introduced to the different departments of Owen Drew which range from Social Media Management, Graphic Design and Accounts plus much more


About Owen Drew


Owen Drew was created in Summer 2016, when, after noticing the damage mass-produced candles were doing to his home, Drew decided that home fragrance could and should be better.


“For years I had bought candles in the supermarket or other discounted outlets and finally began to realise after my brilliant white kitchen turned grey, that the candles were giving off smoke and soot which was collecting on the walls and ceilings of my home” Drew explained. “I did some research and discovered that it was because mass-produced candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin wax. Not only that, they are often heavily dyed and fragranced with synthetic scents containing parabens and toxins”.


“I started making my own candles from only natural products. I sourced vegan, soy wax and began blending it with essential oils to create my own fragranced candles. I didn’t use any colouring or dyes because soy wax is naturally a beautiful creamy colour. I wanted to make my candles stand out from the crowd, so used a natural wooden wick. They crackle when they burn, which my customers love!”


Drew began selling his candles to friends and family and after receiving excellent feedback, he started exhibiting at craft fairs. “People started telling me that my candles were the best they had ever used”, Drew explains. “They said the wax burnt beautifully, the fragrance throw was better than household brands they were using, and they loved that they were produced with love and care”.


Soon various outlets approached Drew to stock his candles in their shops and beauty salons and it was from here that business really took off. “I launched my website and soon was shipping world wide to far flung places like the United Arab Emirates and Australia”.


Owen Drew Luxury Candles continues to boom as a business with products now stocked in nearly 20 outlets nationwide. “Despite our rapid growth, each and every candle is hand-poured by Drew and his small team before being left to set for 72 hours. After this, the candles are inspected and polished by hand with a soft linen cloth before being carefully packaged to preserve the candle’s precious scent”.


This attention to detail is what Drew believes separates his candles from the competition. “We never, ever sell anything we are not 100% happy with because we want all of our customers to love our products and keep coming back”.