Supporting Your Child


At LEEP we firmly believe in partnership with parents. We can best fulfil the potential of your son/daughter by working with you and we will keep you regularly informed of developments in the school that affect your child. We want parents to discuss with us any concerns that they have and to celebrate our successes with us. If you wish to contact LEEP at any time for any reason, please call the main reception line and you will be directed to the appropriate member of staff.


What can I do to help?

Years 10 and 11 are crucial stages of your child’s schooling and it is essential that they attend school so that they receive all the information they will need for their public examinations/portfolio of skills. Your role is just as important as the teachers.


  • Ensure they attend everyday.
  • Check their homework timetable. If you become familiar with your child’s homework and when it needs to be submitted you can then ensure it is completed on time and also that you are available should they need additional support.
  • Encourage your child to approach teachers if they are struggling with certain subjects. Your child is on the way to becoming an adult and may not thank you for approaching teachers on their behalf.
  • Supply the required tools such as paper, pens, revision cards, a desk and comfortable chair.
  • Provide an appropriate area for study: once a timetable has been established, ensure that your child has a quiet place to revise without any distractions. Perhaps discuss with other family members how important this time is and suggest they be considerate about noise levels during revision time.