Curriculum Overview                                                           

Department: Science                                                

Department Lead: K. Lee



Students at LEEP will be studying science for AQA Combined Trilogy Dual Award GCSE.


Curriculum Statement:

Students will be considering the fundamental themes of Biology, Chemistry and Physics over two years to gain two GCSEs at grade 1-9.


Curriculum Aims:

As with all aspects of their engagement at LEEP, particular emphasis will be placed on how Scientific matters relate to students work based pathways.

Students will be encouraged to develop a broad understanding of scientific theory alongside critical thinking, problem solving, fact checking and how applying a scientific method to any aspect of learning and thinking will imbibe a rigour and honesty that will last a lifetime.

Science is essentially a practical subject and students will have many opportunities to roll up their sleeves and go hands on.


Assessment Overview:

Students will be informally assessed each week using a variety of past questions to build up their confidence and experience of exam techniques, parents will receive feedback on students’ progress each half term before being externally assessed at the end of year 11.

The assessments have been split into six easier to manage exams to help students focus on each topic and reduce the pressure of revising everything at one time.


Link to ‘Work Based Learning’:

There isn’t a career pathway that would not benefit from a Dual Award in Combined Science.  LEEP is situated in the middle of one of the UKs biggest chemical and pharmaceutical producing areas.

Even if you don’t want to take advantage of the many lab based opportunities the UKs burgeoning service industry with careers in Physical Training, Coding and Care industries all benefit from the knowledge and critical thinking skills that Dual Award Combined Science offers.