STEAM School


STEAM School is an interdisciplinary education model, exploring science, technology, entrepreneurship (engineering is more commonly used), art and maths, encouraging students to develop their creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills in a real world context.


STEAM School education removes limitations, encouraging independent learning and inspires wonder, critique, enquiry, and innovation. All of which are a perfect foundation for preparing young people for ‘future jobs’ – 65% of which the World Economic Forum predicts – have not been invented yet.


The STEAM School platform combines STEAM School powered project based learning with weekly broadcasts from global STEAM School experts. The platform includes the following features:


  • Schools can create platform logins for their students, equipping them with their own personal dashboard, learning activities and locker room.
  • STEAM School will host 6 missions every academic year exploring some of the world’s most pressing issues, showcasing #STEAM4good projects, futuristic technology and inspirational role models.
  • Each mission lasts 5/6 weeks and includes a weekly live broadcasts with STEAM School expert.
  • Each mission includes 18 STEAM School powered challenges for students to complete as scientists, engineers, digital makers, entrepreneurs, artists and campaigners. The challenges varied with different levels of complexity which hopefully will meet a wide range of interests and help schools to use STEAM School in different areas of the curriculum.
  • Students can earn digital badges for each completed challenge and collect points for their locker room by completing weekly broadcast learning activities.
  • Teachers have access to a dashboard which includes impact data showing active students, participation in learning tasks and completed challenges.