Liverpool School’s Family Support Service


New Heights School works closely with Liverpool School’s Family Support Service.


The School’s Family Support Service provides an outreach family support service to families with children of school age (5 – 19 years) as identified by schools. It is a preventative service and focuses on families where there is no current social work involvement.


The Service offers a full family wrap-around support package using the EHAT (Early Help Assessment Tool) and the Outcome Wheel to measure progress and for families to identify what their needs are.


Below is an example of some of the areas of work the service may undertake whilst working with the child / young person / family:


  • Parenting advice and support in respect of:
    • Behaviour management / modification.
    • Routines and boundaries
    • Listening to children / young people
    • How to offer help and when to back off
    • Praise and how it can break the cycle of negativity
    • How to stop shouting and relax


  • Practical support advice / guidance establishing morning / evening routines within the home.
  • Support to develop problem solving skills
  • Support, promote and facilitate home / school relationships and communication
  • Support the engagement of parents / carers to attend relevant evidence-based parenting programmes.
  • Direct work to support confidence and self-esteem building.
  • Promote engagement with community-based resources to promote Social Inclusion / independence.
  • Support to attend agencies who specialise in services for children and adults who have experienced the impact of Domestic Abuse.
  • Identify, support and facilitate engagement in school-based activities / support services.
  • Undertake direct work sessions by developing targeted programmes of work using Teen Talk, Kids Talk and Parents Talk materials and other resources.
  • Support engagement with drug and alcohol services


The service also has excellent professional links with various other services that we can refer to and work in partnership with including:


  • DWP
  • Shelter
  • Adult Learning
  • The Readers project – reading support for 8yrs and older
  • ADHD Foundation
  • Advance Solutions




What are the criteria for referring to this service?


As a guide, the service can support a range of issues including:


  • Poor educational attendance / attainment
  • Crime / Anti-Social behaviour (parents and / or children)
  • Worklessness
  • Health (physical, mental, emotional) (parent and / or child)
  • Suspected / disclosed Domestic Abuse
  • Suspected / disclosed Alcohol / substance misuse
  • Suspected neglect / neglect
  • Behaviour



All schools complete a short referral form outlining their concerns for the family following consultation with and consent from the parent / carer.


Consent from the family will be required prior to schools making a referral to the service for support.


If verbal consent is obtained by the school, the relevant Schools Family Support Worker will obtain written consent at their initial visit to the family.



If you feel you and your family would benefit from this additional support, please contact the Family Engagement Workers at New Heights School to discuss further.