On Arrival and Baseline Assessment


Upon entry to New Heights High School, all students complete the following assessments:

  • Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT4). This covers: reading, spelling, comprehension. Maths
  • LASS Dyslexia screening assessment. This covers: working memory (visual and auditory), non-verbal intelligence, reading, spelling.  This assessment identifies areas of need relating to dyslexia and problems in learning.
  • Resiliency scales. This covers: mastery, relatedness, emotional reactivity.  It Identifies areas of strength and weakness in resiliency, and a person’s ability to cope in difficult situations; bounce back from setbacks, and overcome problems.

Within the first 3 weeks at New Heights High School, baseline assessments data is collected in all subject areas.  A snapshot of their progress is taken every two weeks and measured in small incremental steps.  This allows us to plot progress in a short period of time.  It also allows teachers to identify if a child is not making the expected progress and to look at the reasons why this may be.