Careers Guidance

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Key Stage 4

AT New Heights Key Stage 4, career guidance plays a pivotal role in our everyday practice.

Mrs Wright oversees and arranges Careers Education, Information and Guidance for Key Stage 4 at New Heights School.  Email her on  or phone her on 0151 330 5134.

Good career guidance is critical, if young people are to raise their aspirations and capitalise on the opportunities available to them. It is also the key to social mobility, showing young people, whatever their social and family background, the options open to them and helping them make the right choices to set them on the path to rewarding future careers.

This is particularly important for young people who come from families without experience of higher education, who live in areas of deprivation, or whose ethnicity or gender is underrepresented in certain occupations. Good career guidance is about raising aspirations, aiming high and avoiding making any assumptions about the limits on a young person’s options. It’s about accepting that while some subjects, for example science and mathematics, may seem harder than others, they may open more doors.

Only through our practice can we be sure that every young person gets the advice they need, and that this advice is in their best interest, and theirs alone.

At New Heights Key Stage 4 we drive student aspiration by creating relevant learning platforms that contextualise their core subjects. This will be facilitated through engaging with a host of employers who will provide “world of work days”, “meet the professional” Q & A sessions, and a “career carousel”. Our students will experience a diverse program aimed at giving them a real taste of higher  education and the working world.

Visits to colleges, sixth forms and universities will be on going alongside creating opportunities for students to explore apprenticeships and training programs that appeal to them. We will create a bespoke flight path for each of our student’s post sixteen future, to ensure that they remain in education, employment or further training.

Our mindset is to reflect a more dynamic future of work where linear careers will be far less common and young people will need a portfolio of skills and capabilities, including career management skills to navigate the more complex world of work.