Teaching and Learning

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We continually review all that we are doing to improve teaching and learning in school and we welcome comments from students, parents, staff and governors to enable us to capture the thoughts and feelings of the whole school community in this priority area.

If you would like to speak with a member of staff in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact page details.

Student Voice

Here, at New Heights School, we regularly survey our students to measure how well we are supporting their needs. We have pleasure in sharing the following findings from our survey at the Fazakerley site:

Key findings from the Teaching and Learning Survey:

  • 75% of students mostly enjoy attending New Heights School.
  • 91% mostly know what they are meant to be doing in their lessons.
  • 87% responded that they regularly receive targets in their lessons.
  • 95% have responded that their work is regularly marked.
  • 79% reported that their spelling mistakes are identified and they are given the opportunity to correct their error.
  • 95% acknowledged that their teachers plan for a variety of different activities within their lessons
  • 72% enjoy their lessons.
  • 83% responded that they try their hardest in lessons.
  • 79% acknowledged that their teachers talk to them about their progress and what they need to do in order to improve further.
  • 79% receive praise for their good work.
  • 79% feel that their teachers know how to support their SEND needs.

Additionally, we asked our students how well they feel we work to keep them safe during their school day:

Key findings from the Safeguarding Survey:

  • 86% responded that they felt safe during their day.
  • 82% know who they can turn to if something is bothering them.
  • 91% considered that their attendance had improved during their time here.
  • 82% responded that they feel that staff look after them.
  • 78% confirmed that they feel that the school teaches them to be safe.
  • 87% feel confident reporting safety concerns to staff.
  • 82% replied that they learn about e-safety and how to stay safe online.
  • 82% think that the school is a clean, safe environment.
  • 86% understand what bullying means.
  • 82% responded that they feel that the school is fair in dealing with issues.
  • 73% responded that they know what to do and who to talk to if they are being bullied, or when they think somebody else is being bullied.