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Pupil Career Information

At New Heights, we have a careers program in place that ensures that you are well equipped for the future and have the information you need to make realistic and informed decisions about further education, training, and employment.

Use the websites below to start planning your future!

The National Careers Service has a wealth of information about different types of Jobs & Industries and you can find out information on the skills required for different jobs / the pay / day-to-day activities in different jobs etc. Further information can be found here.

The First Careers website is also really useful and has lots of information. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

The BBC offers useful information about careers, you can access it be clicking here.

Not sure what career is best for you? Take a QUIZ by clicking here.

Royal Navy / Royal Marines / British Army / Royal Air Force

The school Careers Advisor offers impartial advice and guidance working with pupils from Year 7 through to Year 9.

You can also contact a qualified Careers Advisor via text, phone or webchat to discuss careers, courses, and finding a job — just visit

to have a web chat / send a text or call the helpline.


The widget can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations to support the process of identifying potential careers.

The Careerometer widget provides access to a selection of headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects.

The data are organised by occupation: simply type in the title of the job you are interested in and the widget provides a series of options from which you can select the most relevant to you.


The Skillsometer widget can help you discover what jobs you might like to do in the future. You will be presented with a series of statements.

Select the emoji that shows how you feel about each statement. You will be given suggestions of jobs linked to what you most enjoy doing.