SAFE Offer

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Reduce Violence through Engagement


Support for Young People Affected by Crime

Promoting Safety and Re-engagement

At New Heights Key Stage 3, we have a dedicated SAFE worker who plays a pivotal role in our mission to create a safe environment for our students.

The SAFE project is an initiative aimed at reducing youth violence and promoting re-engagement among young individuals.

Our primary focus is to address the underlying risk factors that contribute to youth violence and disengagement from education.

These risk factors include challenging behaviours, family dysfunction, social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) issues, as well as being on the edge of persistent absence.

The SAFE project operates based on specific referral criteria. We target young people who are at the precipice of persistent absence, those who have a history of persistent absence, as well as individuals who have experienced suspensions or exclusions from school.

To be eligible for referral, these students must possess at least one identifying risk factor. These risk factors encompass social care involvement, SEMH issues, and families affected by crime, domestic violence, and substance misuse.

Referrals to the SAFE project can be made by any professional working closely with the student.

We encourage teachers, social workers, guidance counsellors, and other dedicated professionals to identify and refer students who meet the criteria. By involving a wide range of professionals, we can ensure that the referral process is comprehensive and that we reach the young people who are most in need of support.

Once a referral is made, our SAFE worker will begin the re-engagement process with the student. This process involves building a trusted relationship, understanding their individual circumstances, and providing tailored support to address their specific needs.

Our SAFE worker acts as a mentor, advocate, and guide, helping the young person navigate the challenges they face and empowering them to make positive choices.

By focusing on re-engagement, the SAFE project aims to break the cycle of youth violence and disengagement from education. We firmly believe that every young person deserves a chance to succeed and thrive in a safe and nurturing environment. Through our support system, we strive to empower these individuals, giving them the tools they need to overcome adversity, make positive choices, and reach their full potential.