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Key Stage 3

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At New Heights School, we provide our pupils with a range of activities intended to develop skills employers value, including: creativity, problem-solving, risk-taking, resilience, teamwork, determination and self-reflection.

Mr Cunningham oversees and arranges Careers Education, Information and Guidance for Key Stage 3 at New Heights School.  Email him on or phone him on 0151 498 4055.

Our careers strategy aims to:

  • Offer a structured careers programme which can be accessed on our website by students, teachers, parents, carers and employers.
  • Enable students, parents and carers to access quality information about future study options and employment opportunities.
  • Address the individual needs of students by offering careers guidance at different stages in their academic life. This impartial advice and guidance is currently delivered through the school in conjunction with Liverpool Carers Hub.
  • Link curriculum learning with careers, so that students understand the relevance of subjects for a wide range of future career paths.
  • Raise awareness of the full range of routes into academic and vocational learning opportunities available in schools, colleges, universities and the workplace.
  • Link subjects taught in school to post 16 employment skills.

Careers education is a vital part of the school curriculum. It gives pupils hope and ambition and provides them with the knowledge to succeed in their future. Careers education is delivered to years 7-9 with the aim of all pupils gaining as many realistic and engaging opportunities as possible during their time at the school.

New Heights is part of the Liverpool City Region Careers Hub and is committed to working towards the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Careers Guidance.

Careers Programme


Supported by Liverpool Careers Hub and Career Connect, our students will receive CEIAG activities many of which will be used to explore their interests and provide guidance on skills, educational courses and employment routes available. We will also endeavour to offer careers-related educational visits and remote meetings to our young people.

Monitoring Impact and Measuring Success

We aim to measure the impact and success of our careers programmes through several methods:

  • Pupil voice– Feedback from students about the CEIAG we offer.
  • Pupil awareness– Comments made during the school day which allow students to demonstrate their awareness of CEIAG,
  • Pupil work– Evidence in student work that demonstrates their understanding of skills needed to be successful in employment.
  • Teacher Planning – All teachers identify links to skills being taught in the classroom with those skills sought by employers.


Our Careers Programme and offer are reviewed annually, at the start of the academic year.

Review of CEIAG offering (Academic Year 2020-21)

Despite the challenging backdrop, we continued to develop our careers offer over the last academic year.

Our teachers continued to hold conversations about the important link between education and employment during their lessons.

During the summer term, all of our students were given the opportunity to submit designs for a t-shirt competition, judged by Andrew Dwerryhouse, Managing Director of Wildthang Creative, Liverpool.

Our close working partnership with Liverpool Careers Hub also resulted in our enrollment onto the Compass+ and Assembly careers platforms. We also received lots of literature and information posters which we used to inform careers-based discussions with our students.

Dedicated Career Areas

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