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Behaviour and Emotional Support Team

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Students experience the remarkable impact of the BEST Team

At New Heights Key Stage 3, students experience the remarkable impact of the Behaviour and Emotional Support Team (BEST).

BEST offers a holistic approach to responding to behaviours that challenge, providing students with the necessary support to engage with learning, improve their behaviour, respond to situations appropriately, and proactively communicate with others. With a focus on individual needs and growth, the BEST team enables students to regulate themselves, thrive, and successfully re-engage with their learning. Through positive relationships and exemplary role modelling, the BEST team encourages desired, appropriate behaviours, nurtures students, and champions their potential.

A Holistic Approach to Student Support

The BEST team operates on the understanding that addressing behavioural challenges requires a comprehensive and holistic approach. They recognise that students’ behaviours are influenced by a multitude of factors, including their emotional well-being, social interactions, and academic experiences. By considering the entirety of a student’s life, the team is able to provide a tailored and effective support system.

Reactive and Proactive Support

The support offered by the BEST team is twofold, encompassing both reactive and proactive strategies. Reactively, the team responds swiftly to any behavioural issues that may arise, offering immediate assistance and guidance to students. Through compassionate intervention, they help students navigate challenging situations and equip them with effective coping mechanisms.

However, the BEST team’s role extends beyond reactive measures. They proactively identify potential triggers and develop strategies to prevent behavioural challenges from occurring. This approach involves creating a positive and inclusive learning environment, fostering open communication, and providing students with the tools they need to regulate their emotions and behaviours independently.

Building Positive Relationships

At the heart of the BEST team’s success lies their ability to build positive relationships with students. By fostering trust and understanding, they create a safe space where students feel comfortable sharing their concerns and seeking guidance. These relationships are built on empathy, respect, and the recognition that each student is unique, possessing their own strengths and challenges.

The BEST team serves as positive role models, embodying the behaviours and values they hope to instill in students. Through their consistent demonstration of empathy, patience, and kindness, they inspire students to emulate these qualities, fostering a culture of compassion and understanding.

Empowering Students to Thrive

By championing students and fostering their emotional well-being, the BEST team empowers them to reach their full potential. They recognise that successful academic engagement is intricately linked to emotional and behavioural regulation. Through personalised support plans, the team equips students with practical tools and strategies to manage their emotions, make positive choices, and overcome obstacles.

The BEST team’s efforts extend beyond the classroom. They collaborate with teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive support network for each student. By involving all parties in the journey towards success, they promote a sense of collective responsibility and unity.