Knifesavers at Anfield Stadium


“KnifeSavers wants everyone to be able to stop the bleeding – keeping someone alive for long enough to get them an ambulance, and get them to hospital. KnifeSavers aim is for you to know what to do, and have the tools to do it. This is knowledge that no-one can afford to be without.”

Some of our students had the opportunity to attend a Knife Savers event at Anfield stadium this term. They had the chance to learn both the reality of knife crime and how to help if someone has been stabbed, possibly saving someone’s life.

Our students got stuck in saving the life of the dummy ‘Jeff’. They learnt the process of calling for help, identifying the wound and using compression and ligature to stop the
bleeding and give someone the best chance of survival.

Well done boys.

A – Alert
B – Bleeding
C – Compression