Information for new students

Dear Parent/Guardian

Firstly, may I congratulate your son/daughter on successfully gaining a place at New Heights Key Stage 4.

I would like to take this opportunity to share some information with you that will be helpful to you and your child during their time at New Heights Key Stage 4.

Please be aware that any operational issues or changes will be published on the school website.

Admission packs will be forwarded to you to complete.  Please ensure that these are returned with your son/daughter when they start school.   If you require the school to administer/hold any medication, please request the separate medication form. We cannot hold any medication without this form being completed and returned.

Key information

  • New Heights Key Stage 4 is located in the former Parklands High School building on Ganworth Road, Speke, L24 2RZ.
  • The school telephone number is 0151 330 5134 and email address is
  • The school will make arrangements for you to be picked up from your home address and transferred to the school by taxi each morning and returned home by taxi at the end of each school day (at no cost to you).  Any changes regarding the use of taxis will be communicated to you in advance.
  • Please read this letter about your taxis
  • The timing of the school day will be from 8:30am to 2:00pm, Monday – Thursday
  • 8.30 to 1.00pm on Fridays (lunch will still be provided)
  • On Friday students will be timetabled for ‘experience’, during this time a range of activities will be covered from: meeting professionals and learning about their careers; undertaking work-based visits; participating in STEAM School, an interactive podcast focused on exciting innovations in the world of science, technology, engineering or mathematics.  This time may also be utilised for staff training and this may result in your son or daughter finishing at different times on a Friday (later or earlier finishes).  You will be notified of any changes to the normal school timings in advance by the school office.
  • It is essential that you ensure that the school office has your correct contact details as you will be informed of changes in timing to the school day via text/school website. 
  • We will provide a snack at break and a meal at lunch (free of charge)
  • School uniform:  you are required to provide black trousers or skirt and black foot-ware.  The school will provide 2 x polo t-shirt with school logo, 1 x jumper and 1 x black PE top free of charge.
  • Our term dates can be found on our school website
  • It is expected that students will bring their own equipment for learning, to include: pens, pencil, ruler, eraser, etc.


The expectation is that all students look smart and are dressed appropriately at all times, for both school and work-placements. When students are taking part in PE activities, they are expected to wear black shorts, leggings or tracksuit pants and the PE top the school provides. They should arrive at school wearing their PE clothes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students may wear trainers at school, but it is essential that they are all black and a discreet style. See this page on our website for details.

Mobile phones and coats

Students will not be permitted to use their mobile phone at any point during the academic day. We understand the necessity for them to be carried to and from school but they must be switched off on entry to school and handed in to reception, with their coat, where they will be stored safely until the end of the school day. It is not acceptable for students to retain their phones and put them on silent.

Please be aware that any refusal to cooperate or misuse will lead to the confiscation of their mobile phone, communication with parents and the imposition of other sanctions up to and including exclusion from school.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Unsworth

Head of School

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