Key Stage 3

Food Studies

The proof of the pudding... Adam Stewart is immensely proud of his students and it is easy to see why!

About Food Studies at New Heights Key Stage 3

Focusing on safe and hygienic kitchen practice, Food Studies at New Heights Key Stage 3 is the subject that teaches the essential skills needed in everyday life to help bring families together and broaden students’ horizons on the world of food and the cultures from which they originate.

Food is Art

Subject Content

This year the topics vary from making bread, salt and pepper chicken, cooked breakfasts, homemade kebab and flatbreads, cheesecake, pizzas, sausage rolls, scones and many more exciting dishes from around the world.

Food Studies is not just about following recipes, you will learn how to adapt recipes and to make it suitable for a variety of people, including those with food intolerance.

Curriculum Principles

Throughout the year a range of inter-linking essential food preparation skills is taught, for example, students learn how to knead bread which will enable them to make dough which may be used in a variety of pastry dishes. Other skills being taught include; marinade, fry, roast, purify and tenderise. By the end of the year, students will be equipped with a multitude of skills and have developed the confidence to cook for other people and showcase their skills and knowledge.

We use our subject to discuss the importance of healthy food choices and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Assessment and Feedback

Assessment in this subject is continuous and ongoing. Following their Baseline assessment, students planning, weighing, preparation, cooking and presentation are evaluated and assessed.

Students receive regular verbal and written feedback on their work and are encouraged to critique their entire process of each complete recipe. Students also engage in self-assessment both in a written and verbal form and will often receive verbal feedback from their peers.

Links to Everyday Life

Being able to safely and hygienically prepare and cook food remains an essential life skill. Cooking brings people together and it can give a sense of self-satisfaction.

Cooking is a skill that enables students to have a sense of pride and instant satisfaction in their work.

Food is fuel

Future Careers

You can take your passion for cooking further and attend catering college and train to be a cook, chef, or apply for work in other sectors of the hospitality industry.


Our Food Studies students collect their favourite recipes and share it with you in a compilation they like to call their

New Heights Greatest Hits Recipe Book!

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