Topic Champions – Mental Health & Wellbeing


I have chosen this as my topic, because I feel this is a topic that needs particular focus, especially with society changing drastically due to coronavirus leading to lockdowns.


Mental ill-health is when a person struggles with their emotional, psychological, and social well-being. For example, this may mean that they struggle to interact in communities with others, students struggling with exam pressure, athletes with the constant pressure of being happy in the public eye. Furthermore approximately 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year.


At New Heights, our ever-changing cohort means sometimes we have children join us who we suspect have mental health issues due to issues raised by their previous school. As a school, we often need to send referrals for these children to try and help them get the support they need.


People with a mental health issue will also have strengths and weaknesses like people without an issue. For example, somebody with anxiety may have problems with communicating in a big group but will thrive in an individual task. We treat every person as an individual and recognize that one day they may be struggling, and the next they may be thriving.  We are all individual.


As part of my continuing professional development, I have researched how to expand my knowledge and understanding of mental health to create ideas for young people with mental health issues to cope and use the issue to their strength. I have developed a resource with some strategies in the classroom to help young people with mental health issues i.e anxiety.


Along with Lisa Kenny our SENDCo, I am available to talk to students about any questions they have on mental health.