Topic Champions – Gender Identity


I have chosen this because I feel it is a topic that needs to be discussed due to the increased presence of gender issues in our communities.


Gender identity issues are when a person does not feel like they fit into their assigned sex at birth. This may mean that they are transgender, non-binary or gender-fluid; this can be seen as a spectrum. At this moment in time, there isn’t an accurate figure of how big the Trans community is, but it is said to be about 1% of the population, roughly 600,000 out of 6 million people in the UK (


I think it’s vitally important to have an understanding within our school as previously we have had students who identified themselves as being in the Trans community, and we will no doubt have more who require support.


It is shown widely that inclusion of gender issues in the curriculum is a very positive thing for those who are going through their own problems, and to raise acceptance and awareness within the community. Empowering young people with information that relates to them allows them to explore their identity in a safe space, and as they grow they are more open to understanding and accepting differences both in themselves and in others.


As part of my continuing professional development, I have done some research on what gender issues are to help staff understand this and how we can help students in our cohort that may experience this. I have also developed resources that will help young people going through it. I have begun taking many training courses to gather information on this topic. I will continue this so that I can provide continuous and up-to-date information to our staff and students regarding gender issues and provide information on ways to support students.


I am available to talk to children about concerns they may have if they feel that they may have gender identity issues. I will work closely with our SENDCo to offer this support.