Topic Champions – Dyspraxia


I have chosen Dyspraxia as my topic because it means a lot to me personally because I suffer from this condition and I feel it is not talked about enough.


Dyspraxia is a brain-based motor disorder. It affects fine and gross motor skills, motor planning, and coordination. It’s not related to intelligence, but it can sometimes affect cognitive skills. Dyspraxia is sometimes used interchangeably with developmental coordination disorder. (


It is thought that 10% of the UK population have dyspraxia and out of those 10%, 2% suffer from it severely.


At New Heights, we have an ever-changing cohort of students which means we have some children join us that we suspect to have dyspraxia and often as a school we make referrals for these children.


Kids with dyspraxia often don’t even realise they have dyspraxia and most of the time because it might have been missed at a young age. I was only told in college that they thought I had dyspraxia.


Dyspraxia symptoms can vary depending on age…. difficulties may become obvious such as tying shoelaces, doing up buttons and handwriting. It tends to get picked up and diagnosed between the ages of 7 and 10.


I will work with our SENDCO to talk to our children about any concerns they may have regarding Dyspraxia, and offer them support should they need it.