Topic Champions – ACEs


The topic of Adverse Childhood Experiences was new to me until I started at New Heights, I knew trauma as a young person could affect you later on in life – I just never knew how much.


Has a student ever opened up to you about an ACE? How did it make you feel? That feeling that you felt when they told you is what made me want to find out more about ACES.


“What’s going on can easily be masked; you can take cough syrup for a cough… But in the background things are still happening” – Resilience (Film)


The behaviour is not directed at you, always remember that (even though most of the time it seems that way!).


I have attended courses online and will be attending an ACEs course delivered by CAMHS/MYA to further develop my understanding of the topic.


I will work with our SENDCo to help support any students who may have experienced ACEs and work with our staff to support them in how they deliver to students who have had ACEs.