Emotion Literacy Support Assistant


Empowers Students at New Heights Key Stage 3

In a dedicated effort to address the emotional well-being of students, New Heights Key Stage 3 has implemented an invaluable resource known as the Emotion Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA). Acting as a pillar of support, the ELSA worker is on hand to cater to the unique emotional needs of the pupils, both within and outside the school environment.

The primary objective of ELSA is to facilitate the emotional development of students and equip them with effective coping mechanisms to navigate the challenges they encounter.

Through one-on-one sessions, students have the opportunity to engage in open and meaningful discussions with the ELSA worker, enabling them to articulate their feelings and identify specific areas where they may be struggling.

ELSA’s comprehensive approach is centered around nurturing emotional literacy, fostering self-esteem, cultivating social skills, and promoting emotional regulation among the student body. By addressing these crucial aspects of emotional well-being, ELSA strives to empower students with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of their lives.

Recognizing the importance of emotional intelligence, New Heights Key Stage 3 has included in the ELSA program to ensure that students have a safe and confidential space to explore their emotions. The ELSA worker acts as a compassionate guide, providing essential support and guidance to students who may be facing personal or academic challenges.

By encouraging emotional literacy, ELSA enables students to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of their own emotions, as well as those of others. Through this process, students gain valuable insights into their emotional experiences, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and develop meaningful relationships.

Furthermore, ELSA is keenly focused on bolstering self-esteem, empowering students to recognise and celebrate their unique strengths and qualities. By fostering a positive self-image, ELSA instills a sense of confidence and resilience in students, enabling them to face adversity with greater fortitude.

Social skills play a pivotal role in a student’s overall well-being, and ELSA actively works towards honing these skills. By engaging in various activities and exercises, students develop vital interpersonal skills, such as empathy, active listening, and effective communication. These skills not only enhance their relationships with peers but also contribute to their overall emotional growth.

Emotional regulation, another core focus of ELSA, equips students with strategies to manage and navigate their emotions in a healthy and constructive manner. Through targeted interventions and techniques, ELSA empowers students to regulate their emotions, cope with stress, and make informed decisions during challenging situations.

In summary, the Emotion Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) program at New Heights Key Stage 3 is a testament to the school’s commitment to addressing the emotional well-being of its students. By providing a dedicated resource to support emotional development, ELSA aims to create an inclusive and supportive environment where students can thrive academically and emotionally. With a focus on emotional literacy, self-esteem, social skills, and emotional regulation, ELSA endeavours to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of life with confidence, resilience, and emotional intelligence.