Online sexual abuse and exploitation: where do I report if I’m worried about my child’s safety online?

What can you do if you’re suspicious about someone your child is talking to online? Read this advice from NCA-CEOP.

You probably have a pretty good sense when something isn’t right with your child. But where do you go for help if it’s their online life that’s worrying you? What can you do if they’re talking to somebody they don’t know in the real world; if an online ‘friend’ has asked them to share sexual images or to meet up?


NCA-CEOP is the Child Protection Command of the National Crime Agency, set up solely to deal with online grooming, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. NCA-CEOP is dedicated to protecting children and young people from sexual abuse and exploitation wherever it happens – whether online, or face-to-face.

NCA-CEOP’s Education Programme Thinkuknow offers safety advice for children, young people, parents and carers, alongside training and support for large numbers of professionals (teachers, social workers, police officers etc.)


If you’re concerned that something might be happening with your child, click the CEOP button.

If you’re worried about someone your child is in contact with online, it’s important to report these concerns.

This might be someone in contact with your child who is:

  • Chatting online about sex
  • Asking them to do sexual things on a webcam
  • Asking to meet up if they’ve only met them online
  • Requesting sexual pictures
  • Making them feel unsafe
  • Forcing them into sexual activity

The safety of children and young people is paramount. When reports come in, they are reviewed by a team of experienced social workers. As a Law Enforcement Agency, NCA-CEOP then works to safeguard children and locate and hold the perpetrators of these crimes to account.

If your child is in immediate danger, please call 999.

Visit the NCA-CEOP site:

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