New Heights, Liverpool

Our mission at New Heights School is, as our name suggests, to use our skills and strategies to reach new heights, by facilitating learning with a positive ethos to change the course of behaviour for young people referred to us.

New Heights School is a Pupil Referral Unit/Assessment centre for Key Stage 2,3 & 4.  A placement at New Heights is obtained through Liverpool LA’s Fair Access Panel only.

Our Provisions

Mill Road, Everton

Students in years 3 – 6 attend school in Everton. 

Key Stage 2

Dyson Hall Dr, Fazakerley

Students in years 7 – 9 attend school in Fazakerley. 

Key Stage 3

Conleach Road, Speke

Students in years 10 – 11 attend school in Speke. 

Key Stage 4

Head Teacher’s Message


At New Heights, we endeavour to raise the aspirations of our young people through a trauma-informed, emotionally friendly approach implemented to remove the barriers some of our young people have to learning.

Through a caring and understanding assessment process we try to uncover the need behind the behaviours which have put their place in mainstream at risk, by teaching self-regulation strategies alongside delivering a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our ethos is simple: young people can only learn when their basic needs are being met and understood.

The mental health and emotional wellbeing of all of our school community is at the heart of our practice.
James McDonald

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Coffee Mornings

Join us!

@New heights Key Stage 2

at Mill Rd, from 9.15am– 10.15am.

Thurs 14 December 2023
Thurs 18 Jan 2024
Thurs 15 Feb 2024
Thurs 21 March 2024
Thurs 25 April 2024
Thurs 23 May 2024
Thurs 20 June 2024
Thurs 18 July  2024

Phone Liz on 0151 330 5140 for more info.

Coffee Mornings

Join us!

@New heights Key Stage 3

at Fazakerley, from 9.30am– 10.30am.

Friday 15 September
Friday  13 October 2023
Friday 10 November 2023
Friday 8 December 2023
Friday 12 January 2024
Friday  9 February 2024
Friday 15 March 2024
Friday  26 April 2024
Friday  17 May 2024
Friday  14 June 2024
Friday  12 July 2024

Phone Alan or Christine on 0151 498 4055 for more info.