On Arrival and Baseline Assessment


Upon entry to New Heights High School all students complete assessments in:


  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Dyslexia Screening
  • Maths


These are used to generate a predicted or expected level of achievement for future performance.

The collecting of baseline data supports teaching strategies to find out a student’s learning needs, their natural ability, and potential. Tests are given to students to establish where each student is in relation to a national and institutional norm.

The purpose of baseline assessment is to establish a point from which future measurements and predictions can be calculated. They can also function to highlight specific issues, such as whether a student has a specific need, or whether they are underachieving in relation to their potential.

Teachers can use baseline data to plan effectively for each student’s learning needs, in some circumstances students may require more intervention, therefore they will complete a WRAT4, DASH, CAT or QB Test. This information can be used to support an assessment for an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).