Coronavirus – Updates


COVID-19 – Out of Hours

Should you need to inform the school of any COVID-19 developments in your child, or someone else in your household, during a weekend / out of hours period, please email the relevant address below:





NHS – Is my child too ill for school?

Please see below for guidance from the NHS, whether your child is too ill for school.






COVID-19 – Confirmed Case (18/09/20)


Please see below, for a letter to the wider school community, following a confirmed COVID-19 case at the Fazakerley site:






COVID-19 – Information and Guidance for Parents / Carers (School Absences)


Please see below, for a helpful guide on what you should do if you or your child has COVID-19 symptoms.






COVID Alert (15/09/20)


Please click below to read a letter from the Local Authority, regarding a COVID alert for the Liverpool area






September 2020 – Re-Opening


Dear Parents / Carers / School Community,

Please click below to read a letter regarding the re-opening of New Heights School in September 2020:



School risk assessments:



Please see below for a letter written by the Director of Children’s Services at Liverpool City Council:



Yours sincerely,


J. McDonald





Parents / Carers – COVID Guidance


“What to do if someone has symptoms of COVID-19”







Any child who is concerned that they are at risk of harm during this period of closure should email to alert a member of staff of their concern. If they have no access to email, they should phone either Childline on:


  • 0800 1111


or Liverpool Children’s Services


  • 0151 233 3700


Our safeguarding policy has been amended to reflect recent guidance from the government.  The annex created to reflect these changes can be accessed below:



Merseyside Police are keen to ensure young people are protected from potential child criminal exploitation.  The resources below provide excellent guidance and information for young people and parents on this important subject:




Coronavirus Advice

The spread of the virus is most easily avoided through good hygiene.  Regular and effective handwashing or the use of hand sanitiser will limit the spread of any infection see this video.

If you have any concerns about yours or your child’s health, please follow the NHS advice that can be found here.

Please be assured that the health and wellbeing of pupils, staff, parents and carers is our main concern and we will update this page as and when further information becomes available to us.